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Belt Wrestling Alysh

The word “Alysh” meaning “fighting to determine the strongest” finds its roots in ancient Turkish and was chosen by the International Federation of Wrestling on Belts to embody the bringing together of all belt wrestling styles practised throughout the world.

The belt wrestling matches take place over a period of 5 minutes for men and 4 minutes for women. The competitors wear white trousers and either a blue or a green jacket held tight by a flexible red belt. While holding each other’s belt, they try to throw their opponent to the mat. The technical points are awarded according to the amplitude of the throws: 1 point if the opponent lands on a knee or buttocks, 2 points if the opponent lends sideways or on a hip, and 6 points if the opponent lends on the back. The first competitor who scores 6 points wins the match. The rules adopted are purposely simple so that all national belt wrestling styles can express themselves within a generic form of the discipline.

Belt wrestling was introduced to the program of the SportAccord World Combat Games in 2010 with 1 male category.

Kazakh Kuresi

Kazakh wrestling was introduced by Kazakh people back in ancient times. The winner in Kazakh wrestling becomes more respectable among the people. For example, the great kazakh wresltler Kazhymykan Munaitpasov not only involved his name in kazakh history, you can also meet his name on world sports’ fame list.

The first competition by Kazakh wrestling was held in village sports festival in 1938. After that the competitions are traditionally held in the cities of the republic. The first international tournament was held in 1952 among asian participants. When Kazakhstan gained its independence, popuarity of kazakh wreslting extremely increased. Since 1991, the national championships and the leagues are being held every year.

Kazakhs organized International Kazakh Wrestling Federation (IKWF) in World Congress in Berlin in 2004. Serik Tukiev became the first federation president.

The first Asian Championship by Kazakh wrestling was held in Altaisky Krai, Russia in 2005. There was a big international tournament named after Kazakhstan’s president in November, 2005. More than 100 athletes from 25 countries participated there. Among them were Germany, Turkey, the Netherlands, France and others. Mongolia held II Asian Championship in July, 2011. Kazakh wrestling championship was held in August 2011.

This game intensify the human body, strengthens muscles, teaches tolerance, bravery, agility, trains to think clearly and find a way out of problematic situations. It is also the national art of self-defense. Wrestlers gain the ability to use all the strength in their body. That means they’re allowed to employ all the methods on the belt and above. The point is to throw the opponent with his back down.

The wrestlers are divided into 3 groups depending on their age and 8 categories depending on weight. Adults compete for 10 minutes and teenagers for 5 minutes. Kazakh wrestling is included in zonal, regional, republician sports festival programs, teams are honoured throughout the Kazakhstan territory

Pahlavani Wrestling

The origin of “ Pahlavani wrestling “ goes back to ancient Persia and was said to have been practiced by mythological Iranian heroes in battles .in fact  the Pahlavani wrestling originally used to train warriors. It combines martial arts and wrestling technics , calisthenics, strength training and epic music. It recognized by UNESCO as among the world’s longest-running forms of sport.

The person who ever was well trained and defeat others would called Pahlavan or hero. The Pahlvani heros are popular among people .

This style of wrestling confront two competitors who try to take control over each other by throwing him back on his shoulder. In Pahlavani wrestling, wrestlers wear a pants which extends from waist to below of his knees that contains a belt to hold the pants. In this style wrestler is allowed to use or grab pants or belt as a grip. Also the wrestler can use legs, waist, clinch, leg trips and more likely lift and throw.


Koluch style is an art, which inside its form contains physical development, as well as psychological and spiritual one. On the physical level Koluchstyl is a fight sport and widely used self-defence.

During the practice of Koluchstyl, fighting is on the ground, touching the mat with the knees. The mat has a yin yang circle with two rings. The first one is 2.3m in diameter and is a ring for adolescents up to 16 years old. The second ring has a diameter of 2.8m and it is dedicated to adults in conjunction with seniors. It is relatively little circle in which it is impossible to move freely, even on knees. The match is two one-minute rounds or unless the opponent scores and wins the match.  It is observed by two side referees and one center referee. On the ground level we use about 90% of all techniques. Those are expulsions, constrictions, levers. Levers are applied on every hand-joint from fingers (we must hold 3), wrists, elbows, shoulders. Constrictions and levers on tournaments can be used by fighters over 17 years old. Till that age we use expulsions and holds. During a fight we do not grab the belt, t-shirt or pants.

In Koluchstyl competitors are dressed in blue or dark blue judo pants, yellow or black cotton t-shirts and white socks. A belt befitting the wearer’s rank completes the uniform.